Model tours 5  

Kamakura tour 

Kitakamakura, Kamakura, Hase areas

Kamakura is located away from Tokyo about 1.5 hours. Kamakura used to be a ancient capital about 800 years ago. Many temples and shrines make this town very unique and tranquil. This area is mountainous but also close to  the sea. It's very different air from Tokyo. → details

Model tour 6                                                            Ueno & Shitamachi museum

Ueno Park is a spacious park, there are seven museums, a Japan’s oldest zoo, a library,

Music halls, temples and shrines. I can guide you with ideal route for you, because  there are many places to  see.   → details

Model tour 7 

West of Tokyo Chofu, Jindaiji temple and pottery painting. 


Chofu is located in the west of Tokyo, It takes only over 15 minutes from Shinjuku, but this air is totally different from central Tokyo. Enjoy Chofu culture including very interesting Yokai culture, charming local shrine and temple and this highlight, Jindaiji temple.   details 

Model tour 8                                                 Kagurazaka and the Imperial Palace garden tour

Kagurazaka is famous for its very unique narrow back streets like a maze where remaining old exquisite restaurant district atmosphere. However an interesting thing is many French people say this is like a Petit Paris. Let's go into the maze and enjoy old Japan and Paris! details

Model tour 9   

Chic and trendy town Daikanyama 

Let's stroll around chic and trendy Daikanyama!  Daikanyama is the latest fashionable town. one stop from Shibuya station. You can enjoy shopping, also traditional Japanese culture. → details

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