Kamakura Tour

Let's go see the ancient capital ruled by the first Shogun in the Japanese history.

Cost: ¥24,000 for a group up to 6 persons (6 hours tour)

 *I can also arrange half a day tour, please just ask 

 ・Kitakamakura: Engakuji temple 

・Enoden Line

・Hase temple.  

・The Great Buddha,  

・Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine. 

・Komachi shopping street.  

Attractions We are going to Kitakamakura, where amazingly different world from Tokyo. We visit Engakuji temple which has a beautiful garden with pond, many old temple buildings in the huge ground. The air is quiet and wonderful. I also recommend nice cafe here. That become a special experience.

We ride a tiny Enoden Line, heading to Hase area. To visit another beautiful temple with a lot of beautiful flowers and commanding view of Sagami bay.

Other attractions are The Great Buddha, and a historical great shrine, where used to be the center of politics of Japan, 800 years ago. And always busy Komachi shopping street.

(*excluding temple entrance fee, and  eating charge.  You are expected to cover the food and drink cost for a guide.

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