Model tour 1  

Hidden charm of Asakusa and Kappabashi Tour

Kappabashi is a very popular shopping street as very unique specialty kitchen tools shops. You can enjoy seeing Japanese interesting food culture.

Asakusa is famous for temples and old downtown Tokyo feel. 

However once you enter the side roads, you’ll see totally different face of Asakusa. You can get a feel of real Japanese culture and traditions. It is very fun and exciting!   Details

Model tour 2   

Tsukiji big market and a beautiful garden 

 Tsukiji is the world largest fish market, called Tokyo’s Kitchen.

We explore the both inner & outer market.

There are countless numbers shops and restaurant.

 Then, we are heading to a complete different air, Hamarikyu Garden. That contrast is fascinating!

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Model tour 3   

Beyond words, feel exciting Akihaba

Akihabara is the most exciting and always evolving town. it's amazing! When you will be in Tokyo, you shouldn't miss this place. 

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Model tour 4  

Yanaka Sendagi tour 

This area is still remaining old days Tokyo or atmosphere. Enjoy the busy shopping street where you can eat takeout snacks and drinking while walking. Also there are many temples which make this area so quiet and relaxing atmosphere.  → Detail

Model tour 5                                                              The world's largest book alleys in Jimbocho & Imperial Palace tour

Jimbocho is the world largest bookstore district. One long street is almost

second-hand bookstore, it's overwhelming.

Imperial palace has many moats and stone walls. That's because this used to be the Edo Castle site. Feel the old time in Imperial Palace also enjoy very beautiful Japanese garden. →Detail