Japan has four distinct seasons. My tour would like to introduce sight-seeing spots every each season at the highest of them.


picture : Sakura in Kawagoe) 


Nezu,Yanaka, Sendagi

Nezu shrine, Yanaka shopping street. 

From middle of April it starts azalea season.  You can see azalea flowers wherever you go at this time. But I'd like to recommend Nezu shrine in Bunkyo-ward.

 Around this Shita-machi (downtown) is an ideal area for walk around. There are many fancy shops, traditional craft shops, Japanese street food shops, you name it. Everything attracts your eyes or nose! Would you walk with me? You can walk completely enjoying and relaxing.

Meguro river in Meguro 

Along the Meguro river, Cherry blossom trees are lined. The landscape is stunning! This cherry blossoms are so close to you., you can enjoy them very much.

Zoshigaya:  Houmyouji temple,  and Kishimojin 

Houmyoji temple is very nice and beautiful temple in  Zoshigaya area where is quiet and remaining the old days atmosphere.   Kishimojin is also nice place where there is a big ginkgo tree and  an oldest candy shop in Japan.

Early summer (rainy season)

Nihonbashi  (I like Nihonbashi all year round, though)

   pleasure boat

From cherry blossom season to the early of May, pleasure boat riding from Nihonbasi is great!  Needless to say sakura bloom season, but after that new green leaves please to the eyes.  Breeze on the boat is very comfortable.

Kamakura (鎌倉)

After about one hour train trip you arrive at ancient capital city, Kamakura. During the rainy season colorful and beautiful hydrangeas are full bloom.  Combination of temple at the background of mountain and hydrangea is picturesque, even it is on a rainy day.

In the middle of Summer

Nikko (2.5 hours away from Tokyo)

Nikko is a very famous tourist site for Nikko Toshogu shrine where Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first Shogun of Edo government is enshrined. but not only that In Nikko there are a lot must see. Due to indulge in the wonderful Nikko attractions, you need more than one day. Especially, I recommend summer season to visit here. Let's escape from heat Tokyo city, and fully enjoy both traditional culture and western summer resort in Nikko!

Tokyo Sky Tree   

Tokyo summer is extremely heat and humid! So let's escape to the cool place. And here Tokyo sky tree is!  It is easy to spend a whole day there!

There is more to Tokyo Sky Tree than the highest tower in the world -  many fascinating shopping mall (Sky town (スカイタウン), an aquarium,  a planetarium, Chiba Institute of Technology's hands on exhibitions, and Postal museum which is recommended.                       

You can find your country's memorial stamps there. Their stamp collection is huge!!

Edo - Tokyo open air architectural Museum

When you ride on a train 30 minutes from Shinjyuku, you can find yourself in a nature environment. With a lot of tall trees, it is slightly cooler than central Tokyo temperature.

In that location, this museum is located. This is like a amusument park. those 

buildings themselves are fun. Some of them are said to be the modeled places of the movie  " Spirited away"  This place is close to Gibri musuem, too.


Kyu-furukawa garden (旧古川庭園)

From the late November, whole  this garden turns into autumn foliage color. It's brilliant.  This garden has two different features, one is a western garden where many roses are planted with beautiful care, another one is a traditional Japanese garden. which are combined totally in harmony. That is very unique. This is a hidden  graceful place! 

In the early spring

It's time for Ume or Plum blossom season 

These are famous place for Ume blooming,

Yushima tenjin shrine, Kameido tenjin shrine , and East garden of Imperial Palace.  Before enjoying  Sakura blooming we enjoy Ume or plum flower blooming, The smell of Ume flower is very good.

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