Hopping on a local train and discover the charms of outside of city.

We'll visit the areas west of Tokyo by hopping on the local train used mainly by the people who live there. You'll be able to see the real lives of the residents in addition to some popular tourist sites, such as a famous temple and the birthplace of the iconic lucky cat, maneki-neko. a peaceful shrine, and charming local shopping streets whose air is blended with old and new. This area is where you need a tour guide to make the most of the affluent pleasures and enjoy delicious local foods and sweets in these jewel box communities. When you participate in the late afternoon, you can stroll  maze-like back streets, lined with many nostalgic Japanese bars. 

This is much fun, profitable and tasty tour!

Cost 7,500 yen  Including some street foods and green tea.   (3 hours tour)    

    (for one group up to 4;25,000 total )

     (*Exclude one day train pass, 330yen) 

Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum

(3 hours)

This is really fantastic place to see Japanese buildings from about 150 years ago to 60 years ago. Including a Samurai house. You can see more than 30 different buildings. Shitamachi downtown zone is a reproduced merchant district. Real old goods are displayed. You can feel being in a real downtown in old days. Some of them might remind you of Studio Ghibli’s movie “Spirited Away”. Also this is located in a nice huge park in a nice huge park in the suburbs of Tokyo,  you can spend a day being relaxed.

Cost ¥7,500 yen    (3 hours tour)     

 for one group up to 4 , ¥20,000       *exclude entrance fee

Cherry Special tour 

Daikanyama & Meguro river

Daikanyama: the latest fashionable area and one of the most popular spot for sakura (cherry trees) viewing along a river.

How would you like to go to "Ueno" area?



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Let's stroll around Kagurazaka in the evening!

   (1.5 hours tour) 

 *  (exclude the train and eating cost)  

 From this time, I recommend evening stroll around wonderful Kagurazaka town!  This has a lot of narrow back streets that remain old atmosphere. In the evening the lights are lit along the street, It's very nice! But not only that, this history is also interesting! There are many unique shops, too !

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Enjoy beautiful Japanese garden filled with azalea flowers and lively shopping street  (Rikugien &Sugamo)

Rikugien is the most beautiful & tranquil garden in Tokyo.  You can enjoy Matcha green tea & sweet while looking around the beauty of nature.  Next let's go to Sugamo,  local shopping street, where is called the Harajyuku (trendiest spot for the young) for elderly people. However, all generations can enjoy this lively and busy shopping street. You can eat many kinds street-snacks and sweets! You can feel the good old days of Japan. Also there is a quite popular Kannon deity. Let’s pray and get good fortune!                                                                                  

Let’s go to the top University and a shrine with rich azalea  Tokyo university & Nezu shrine

During this season beautiful azalea welcomes you. Nezu Shinto shrine is famous for abundant azaleas Up to early of May,” Azalea festival” is held, Garden plant market, antique market are lined. Don't miss it.

 We go to Tokyo university, top ranked university of JapanThis site was once a Daimyo or local feudal lord residence area. they have many old and new buildings and rich nature. We eat lunch at a cafeteria with students. Also you can meet happy “Hachi” (dog) at meeting his owner.

Let's go to the Ume flower festival and the top ranked Univ. in Japan.

Yushima Tenjin is a famous Shrine for an academic god. Many students visit to pray for their success of study. During the Ume blooming season, they hold the Ume flower festival, including traditional performances and Matcha teapowdered green tea) service.  Tokyo University is the top ranked university in Japan. This site was once a Daimyo or local feudal lord residence area. there are rich nature including a pond. When you stand here you can forget to be in hustle and bustle of Tokyo. We can eat lunch at a cafeteria with students.


December 5 (Sat) 2015

Let's go to Kyu-Furukawa Garden

Kyu-Furukawa garden is a very unique garden because it is combined with western and traditional Japanese styles, both of which were built by each famous architect. Plus during the festival they'll hold Tsugaru shamisen (traditional Japanese guitar) concert. You can enjoy splendid  autumn viewing and Shamisen(三味線) concert, too ! Don't miss it.

Then Shimofuri-ginzaShopping streets are very fun. You can enjoy its very lively atmosphere, shopping and tasty foods.

This is located 25minutes away from Ikebukuro station

November 15 (Sun) 2015

Let's go to kagurazaka O-Edo festival.

Kagurazaka is famous for its very unique narrow back streets like a maze.

On Nov.15, they have a festival called Kagurazaka Street Stage O-edo Tour 2015.

There are many music players, Shamisen. Koto. Shakuhachi. and other funny performances.  If you go there you can enjoy twice and if you go with me you can enjoy ten times!

 Kagurazaka official web site : http://kaguramachi.jp/en/ 

November 1 (Sun) - 3(Tue), 2015

Let's go to Rikugien autumn festival 
Rikugien is a famous Japanese garden which is located 20-minute away from Ikebukuro station. The most beautiful garden in Tokyo. Plus during the festival, it holds Japanese tea culture lesson in cozy tea house (English OK). You can enjoy splendid viewing and experience green tea culture. Don't miss it.