Tsukiji outer market and a remarkable garden tour

 The fee; ¥15,000 for a group up to 5  

     ( 3 hours tour)

This is 3 hours walking tour.

We’ll walk around world famous Tsukiji fish market.

Tsukiji inner fish market moved to Toyosu new place. but outer market is still exist as it used to. Many unique shops are lined. Not only Sushi, but also you can see a wide variety Japanese food culture. Let's grab a bite for variety foods during walking!

 We’ll also visit a shrine and a temple, both have distinct charms.

 Then we are heading to Hamarikyu garden. It’s a very beautiful traditional Japanese garden, very calm and tranquil place.the beauty of nature.Feel the two places contrast!

 (*exclude the food cost and garden entrance fee)

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